The Pestilence Choir, Virginia based metalers, have announced the release of the band’s third album titled “Gravity Hits” on Sacrifice Records. Since the formation of the band in 2005, The Pestilence Choir have left a mark on the metal scene in the Northeast
with the release of “Drinking For Blood” (2009), constant touring, and bringing it heavy live.

The band consists of drummer Alex Hero, vocalist Chad Novynka, guitarist Brendan O’Neill, guitarist Curtis Mathers and bassist Taylor Vertrees. They have done short runs with Arsis, Darkest Hour, and Ion Dissonance. The band was formed with a shared passion for heavy music. The Pestilence Choir’s sound is based on punishing guitar leads, lightning-fast drums, and a vocalist that roars over it with reckless abandon. Although the band grew up on Black Sabbath and Metallica, they all have a wide range of musical influences that have shaped their unique sound over the years. Drinkin for Blood struck a unique balance between melody and outright

Some tracks, such as Iron Curtain, smash the listener in the face and never let up. Yet others, The Tower for instance, provide a melodic journey that gives listeners a chance to catch their breath before being bludgeoned again. The Pestilence Choir bridges the gap between thrash metal of the 1980s and a more modern sound. The band’s aforementioned debut, Drinkin for Blood (2009), brings
a ferocious sound and attitude to a genre that needs fresh faces.

In early 2012 The Pestilence Choir signed with Sacrifice Records, and in June the band started recording their label debut titled, Gravity Hits, for a September 2012 release.