deist15Right out of the heart of the Bible belt, came a bad seed that was sown. Tired of being told how life Was supposed to be lived, Kyzer Kooper longed for a way to express his lifestyle and his music. He found this freedom on early 1991, and named that freedom DEIST REQUIEM, which he interprets as the freedom to worship any God that one may choose and the death of old time fascism. Years of being a one man band led to man religious outbursts from the Tennessee locals and soon after, led to a recording contract. Along with guitarist David Wright and the help of friends in the industrial world such as Martin Atkins (Pigface, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry) and Curse Mackey (Picgface, Evil Mothers), DEIST REQUIEM would release their debut CD on Warhead Records in 1996.

After splitting from Warhead Records over rights and money and hungry for a heavier sound while keep intact DEIST REQUIEM’s unique sound. The band moved its base to Virginia Beach, VA and enlisted Brain Powers (bass) and Jodi Joy (drums). Lucas Marino would soon join for the recording of 1998’s “Hate Songs From The Heart”. Resulting in another huge underground success.

1999 would see the departure of Lucas Marino and Juan Marrero would take his place. The band would recruit Drew Mazurek (Nothingface,Gwar,Mindset) to record “Trendy”. This collaborations efforts were astounding, resulting in a more distinctive, defined sound for DEIST REQUIEM.

2000 saw the exit of another guitar player and the introduction of Brance Arnold from San Antonio Texas. The next 2 years the band worked on a new CD. Recording in Richmond Virginia at GWAR’s Slave Pit. The CD was recorded but never the light of day. As the band decided to explore different paths. So instead in 2002 they released the 3 disc set “Deist Requiem for a Generation 1992-2002” .Complete with all the records,demos and remixes by Marc Greco of Hate Dept. . The release also included 3 demo of track of songs meant for the last CD.

If you are a long time fan or just discovering DEIST REQUIEM, we hope you enjoy all their releases. Sacrifice Records plan to release the lost Slave Pit Studio recorded CD March 3, 2015


‘I got a chance to see these guys live while they were playing with us and I was really blown away’ – Matheis Jabs, Scorpions

‘Scars show real personality and this band has a lot of scars’ – Marilyn Mason, Marilyn Mason

‘DEIST REQUIEM is a refreshing alternative to an endless sea of Nine Inch Nails wannabes. Lately, it seems that most new industrial bands sound exactly the same, each one perfectly happy with being a participant in the tired game of follow-the-leader…Although it’s hard for a group not to duplicate familiar industrial sounds and reveal at least some influence from heavyweight industrial forebears, it is much more important for a group to have a variety of original elements that slam through all the hubbub and make its music stand out among the rest. If you don’t know what I’m talking about , listen to DEIST REQUIEM’S self-titled debut’ -CMJ Magazine Review

‘This band is, for sure, a band to keep your eye on’ – Brian Lima, Epic Records

‘DEIST REQUIEM shatters the current-day industrial ‘image’ with a huge, ballsy attitude, massive mechanical manipulations and a scorching metallic edge’ – Jenni Glenn, CML Magazine