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Track Listing :

Motherfucker Talked Through The Whole Damn Movie
Sorry You Love Me
God On A Good Day (Featuring Roddy Lane)
This Grey Day
Sugar Daddy Serenade


For over 20 years Deist Requiem has made music with elements of Industrial, Metal, Rock and Punk all mixed in one. ‘The Happiness Delusion’ is their strongest and fiercest release to date.

Deist Requiem’s ‘The Happiness Delusion’ is a sonic feast of mayhem for the ears. Recorded in Richmond, VA at GWAR’s legendary Slave Pit Studio and masterfully Produced by h3 from the industrial band hERETICS iN tHE lAB.

This latest release by Deist Requiem is sure to have plenty for old fans and new ones just finding their music.
Former Mindset vocalist Roddy Lane supplies guest vocals on ‘God On A Good Day’ and ‘Fiend’.

Musicians on this release:
Kyzer Kooper : Vocals, Keyboards
Brance Arnold : Guitars
Brian Powers : Bass, Vocals
Jodi Joy : Drums

Release Date March 3, 2015

Pre-Order Information coming soon.

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