Slider_feature — 28 May 2012
The Stepgods

Transmission header: The StepGods deconstruction

The StepGods are roughly humanoid in appearance, but are, in fact, sentient gasses.
The StepGods have learned to combine complementary sonic frequencies for the pleasure of your aural canals.
The StepGods will short-circuit your higher brain impulses to stimulate your base reptilian cerebral functions.

The StepGods are:
Roddy Lane, the vocaleer. As a child, Roddy once sang for the Pope of Plaza, curing his only son of consumption. It is not well-known that John Denver is a distant relative of someone outside Roddy’s family.
Christian Garthright, pianoer, guitarison, and sound-massager. Christian once catalogued over 4200 unique forms of silence. His shadow has the ability to curdle milk.
Craig Zicafoose, violinmate and mandoliner. Foose co-wrote that one song; it was something heavy. His ear bones became brittle and were subsequently replaced with a vibrationally-sympathetic alloy.
Dave Philpott, basshole. Dave studied the Circadian rhythms of the color sinople. On occasion, a small crocodilian resides upon his linens.

Other entities have frequented the idea-space known as The StepGods. An area of harmonic and percussive real estate realized as guitar and drums have been occupied by Lucky Riggs, Kenny Windley, Alan Smith, Elwood Overcash, and Buck Curran.

End of transmission.

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