Sacrifice Records was formed in 1997 by William ‘Kyzer’ Cooper. His goal was to have a label that formed partnerships with it’s bands as opposed to an employer/employee relationships, and as a vehicle for his band Deist Requiem. In 1998 Sacrifice Records released “Hate Songs From The Heart” by Deist Requiem. After Deist Requiem dissolved, the label changed it’s focus onto the development of new artists.

The year 2010 started the new era for Sacrifice Records with the addition of Rich ‘Red’ Burke as a new partner. He brings years of music industry experience and will be a valuable asset in the advancement of the label.

2010, also, saw Sacrifice Records start to make it’s big push in the industry with the release of many new artists. Releases from the bands such as Mindset (Unearthed), Mobile Deathcamp (Black Swamp Rising), and The Division (Embrace) showed that Sacrifice Records is continuing to bring important music to fans everywhere.

In 2011, Sacrifice Records signed it’s next new artist, The Stepgods and released their album “The Lion Tasting Party” to critical success. Next followed the 2012 signing of The Pestilence Choir. September 2012 will see the release of their much anticipated label debut, “ Gravity Hits”.

Sacrifice Records is committed to the principal of being an artist friendly label. A label run by artists for artists.